Posters (13"x19") $12* & (17"x25") - $35*

There are four. Take your pick.





Screenplay - hard copy $10* or pdf emailed - $2

Final original shooting script used in production.

Crew T-shirts - 100% cotton  S,M,L,XL - $30*











Slightly used huggable stuffed toys*



Vino Veritas bottles**



Thrift store ensembles***



Erotic cast photos

color or b/w 8x11 prints - $25*

This is it.

 *Tax & shipping will be added.

       *easier and cheaper to buy at your local thrift store and probably a good idea to wash before hugging

     **fill with your favorite box wine for a stimulating dinner conversation piece

    ***requires getting Aaron to take you around to the numerous thrift stores in Santa Fe, his fee is negotiable

  ****a healthier alternative if you're not using olive oil

 *****one empty 1.5L bottle and one empty 3L box available

******sorry they've all been drunk and recycled




Joe West & Patty Smith

  Canola oil spray****



Piss Worthy Beer******



Grungy Wine*****



 I've had an erection for over four hours, but I'm not telling

my doctor.

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Screenplay copy




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