Much fun... solid soundtrack.

                                                        Fabulous commentary on today's society.


Good acting.

                                   Great... lots of fun.


          Everything extremely funny, Natalie really had the feel of a junkie.


                            I loved it. Thank you!


                                                          It is fabulous, funny - really paced well.

I liked everything.  Great job.


                                 Broadly funny. Slapstick but cute.


So moving and funny.

                                                      Good film. I like your originality!


          You're gonna make someone a lot of money, Sid!


                                                 Great movie!


WOW! Loved it!!! GREAT Movie - Best I've seen in a longtime! Well done!


                   Very enjoyable + satisfying


                                                                    Loved Aaron's performance!

        Loved it! Great film. Thank you.


                                               Lots of fun. Great acting.


                      Loved Oscar! I liked the movie - interested to see how it goes! Good luck!


   Aaron is brilliant & I love the whole cast - everyone is terrific


                                                                Good cut, pmac. Awesome to see it all.

           Worth finishing.


           It's a work of genius! An unusual plot (Most plots have been used again & again) Original! The humor is good & well exploited. It's a noir, humor film. Aaron was



                                                Great job Peter. Really cool. I loved it and I love you.


                Absolutely amazing & hilarious overall.


    Joe's music is great! The music goes well. The opening & ending are nice-                     sweet. The acting is really great. Love the singing and dancing parts w/Lynn & Mike.


I think it's a sweet movie and the story comes out real well. I might cut the sex moments, slightly (I think the humor would stand up better). Really enjoyed the performances, especially Dr. Dave - Harold's very strong especially w/Natalie. It's sweetness overcoming married angst. Joe West's songs are excellent.


     Mike Ostroski was amazing. Best part. Loved Harold's walk & the zombie Romance.


                         Great job to you, Peter. Love the content/subtext.


Juvenile, high-school-ish, tacky sex stuff & talk.


                                                                      On the whole I really enjoyed it.


         Aaron managed to make it poignant and funny too.


              Amazing job. LOVE IT! Super excited for you all. XXO!

















I loved this movie & everyone in it. WONDERFUL, ORIGINAL, TOUCHING, FUNNY, SWEET, BRAVO.                                                                 - Ali MacGraw



The movie is adorable. - Peter Grendle



I just love this film. Hated it to end. Your lines, the characters, the music, the editing, everything. You too, Ali! Your personality and humor shined through. Hysterical and moving. And it's quite contemporary given the illegal immigrant rants that are going on right now. I am so glad you made it. Maybe it's a tough sale because it's so original. Nothing like it. It doesn't fit into a niche.                                       - Pegarty Long



Well done! Was most entertained -- your lead actor had a very difficult job since he didn't get to speak a word yet had to carry the show - which he did excellently. I was reminded of Harry Dean's performance in the first half of Paris Texas, and even more of Warren Oates' in Cockfighter. Did you ever see that? He doesn't speak until the last few seconds of the film - when he says "I love you". I thought your guy was going to do that in the coffin, too, but he stayed silent to the end. Very good work. What do I know, but I think it should be a festival hit for sure. Cheers, and keep up the good work.

                                    - Alex Cox



Really well made and a lot of fun.                                        - Jonathan Wacks



D&T is great movie! Screened it for a 3rd time and it frankly rocks.

                                    - Stephan von Rohr













Cast, crew & friends screening at Jean Cocteau Cinema in Santa Fe, New Mexico




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